I’ve always loved making New Year Resolutions.  Something about the clean slate I guess.

…and then the end of the year comes and I don’t love the results quite as much.

So my one and only resolution this year is….drum roll…

….to get Madeline OUT.  That seems like a fairly attainable resolution to me.

I do have some other, um, goals for the new year.

  • To finish my book goal from last year (I’m close to done)
  • To learn to draw flowers
  • To actually get my calligraphy pens, paper, ink, etc out of the closet where they’re collecting dust and start practicing!
  • To lose alot of weight (and hopefully never gain it back!)
  • To potty train Susannah
  • To save more money couponing this year than I did last year (and to track my savings)

Those are enough to get me started.

I actually accomplished most of my goals last year…just didn’t finish that book list.  Actually…the problem was more the absence of a list…it’s hard to find titles that start with certain letters.  But enough excuses.

How about you?

Happy New Year!