Dug through my old scrapbooks today.  Thought I’d share some of my absolute favorites from them.

Favorite Comic Strip (and there were a LOT to choose from!) And seriously, does the choice surprise anyone?


Card inscription that most describes the person (romantic, isn’t he?!?!) Not even a signature…very Jeremy.


Favorite sentimental quote…  I think this was from Heidi (maybe)


Favorite card of all time (from Reb…who else?)  We spent hours in Hallmark together.  It wouldn’t surprise me if I bought the same card for her at some point.


Favorite item from childhood.  I know it’s almost impossible to see because its so faded, but Phil made this for me probably somewhere around 2nd grade or so.


Most embarrassing keepsakes.  Seriously, what was I thinking?


Most hilarious item(s).  This is actually a two-way tie.  The first is a drawing Tyler made of Ang and I…apparently he was very upset with Angela that particular day…pay special attention to the teeth and shirt design (it must have also been during her Airwalk phase).


the next one I found on my car one evening after church.  Apparently Jordan didn’t get to tell me bye that night.  Not sure what prompted such a loving note but I’ve cherished it ever since.  Too hilarious.


One of my most proud memories.  I know, Jeremy, you don’t even have to say it: nerd, nerd, nerd.  Whatever.


And finally, the most surprising thing I have in my books.  By far.  I only ever remember Tobi hating me.  Maybe his mom forced him into this??!!??!!


Ahh…I adore scrapbooks.  I need to get some for my ankle biters.  Every kid needs a scrapbook to place those oh-so-important papers.  :O)