This was such a fun little town…I could have wandered through the shops for days, I think. And Jeremy suffered through it quite bravely. We had a fabulous time.



Fredericksberg is a German town (or was anyway). We were instructed by grandma to make sure and eat at one of the German restaurants while we were there, but by the time we decided we were completely starved (around 3pm) they had all closed! We were not expecting that so we searched frantically (well, I was frantic anyway) until we found an Italian place that was open and boy, oh boy, should I have taken a picture of the stromboli that I ordered. It covered an entire plate and probably had a half a pound of mozzerella in it. So, so good. Back to the photo, though, here is a glimpse of the German heritage. For mom. Oh, I also ate a Cherry Mash for you, they’re really quite good. The candy store we stopped in also had a one pound Sugar Daddy. We regret not buying it for you.


Some geeky girl posing with her Dr Pepper.  She was so bad at posing that she choked….


…so we let her try again.  Notice the straining buttons on her coat.  Someone should really tell her to lay off the Dr Pepper.  But not me.  I’m not mean like that.


We spent a lot of time in this great used bookstore.  Jeremy took some photos of some of the old books they had for sale.  He didn’t show me this until after we had left and were safely down the street.  Bummer…I would have asked him to buy it for me….


Pretty cool, isn’t it?  We thought about buying it, but decided it was just too cheap to add to our collection.


I wouldn’t have touched it.


Just an interesting building.


Hey!  What is that fat girl doing with her arm around my husband??!!??!!


This store reminded me of Michele McEntire.


Again with the fat girl….


These trees were HUGE!


Can I take this one home with me?  Please?