Susannah runs around with her bear, pronounced “Beer” all day.  That’s the only reason for my post title.  “Beer” is a dingy grey color at all times, no matter how often I wash him (he was originally white).  Pastor Taylor asked us the other day who she inherited him from…thought he was either from mine or Jeremy’s childhood…that should tell you what a rough life “Beer” has led.  He’s technically only been around for about a year.

So…I have nothing to say, really.  Still alive, still pregnant.

Here’s a photo of my new computer desk from Jeremy.  The cool thing is that I can hide my laptop inside and Susannah can’t get her sticky little paws all over it!  :O)  It’s somehow more fun when you save up for something and then finally reach that goal than it is to just go out and buy whatever you want.  Okay…maybe not.  But, it does give a good feeling.  :O)   I can only imagine when we pay our house off.  Jeremy said he’d take me back to Mexico or a trip to wherever we decide we want to go.  Yay!  Okay…here’s the photo.


And a potty photo just as an added bonus.


And a picture of my “pretties” just because I love them so much…