So I don’t look at blogs for….well, maybe a few weeks.  And what happens?  Tori and Kassandra post every day or something crazy and there’s no way I can read it all!  Seriously, between their blogs and the Humphrey blogs that I always forget about and my moms blog that I always forget about (!!!) and Kluane and Donna and Jenn I don’t think I’ll ever catch up. It’s a good thing Heather and Heidi NEVER post!!!  By the way I have more or less kept up with Ang and Amber but only becuase they’re the first two on my blog roll….and by the time I get through reading those I have to run off and feed the baby or save my house from being burned down by Susannah!  So anyway, I tried to leave everyone a comment but I didn’t make it I dont think.  So just wanted to say that I love you all even though I don’t show it.  :O(