La, la, la, la, la, la

La, la, la, la, laaa….

I really don’t have much of anything to say, which is odd, because I know there’s probably a lot to be said.  How many months has it been since I’ve had a good wordy post, anyway?  Yet nothing too inspiring comes to mind so I’ll just throw some random tidbits out for you.

  • Susannah has taken to calling me “bekah”   I guess she hears Jeremy call me Rebekah and that’s her version.  Uh-oh for the home team.  You know you’re in trouble when you wake up to your almost two-year-old calling you by your first name to come get them out of bed…
  • Madeline has the longest little feet I’ve ever seen on a baby.  Poor child.  Other than that, she’s perfect.
  • We didn’t get our seeds started this year so Jeremy went out, bought seedlings, and planted them last week.  Then it frosted and they all died.  He’s not real happy with the whole garden idea right now…          I think his jalapeno addiction will win over in the end, though.
  • You know what’s sad?  I discovered a way to get a bunch of magazine subscriptions that I’ve wanted for a really long time (think Martha Stewart Living) for FREE but I never have time to read any of them.  So I have a huge pile of unread magazines gathering dust.
  • I’m exactly ten pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight!  I know you all are super excited about that bit of news.  Hey, it’s my blog, I can write about what I want!
  • My stockpile is getting out of control.  I’m going to take some pictures to show yall just how out of control it’s getting.  Guess I’m going to have to have a garage sale pretty soon…
  • We stored our baby bouncy seat in the attic and the battery inside exploded.  So it’s ruined.  Who woulda thought?  Stinking Texas heat…
  • Bluebonnets are everywhere!  Spring has sprung.
  • When I tell Susannah I love her, her response is “I love Daddy!”
  • Madeline was born one day after her pa’s birthday.  Guess I should have taken that castor oil a day earlier.