So…Susannah turns 2 on Sunday. The past year has been full of bumps, surprises, giggles, hair-pulling (mine), and wonder. It’s a truly awesome thing to watch little ones develop. And it’s a truly scary thing to see them develop into YOU. (Meaning ME)
Most days I’m ready to crash into bed the second she finally closes her pretty brown eyes for the night, but then I’m always ready to see them open again in the morning. Amazing thing, parental love.

So…a year in review?  She’s learned to walk, run, talk, scream, yell, dance, swim (okay, splash), cook (she gets the eggs ready to boil), help, defy (yikes), love out loud (especially bear), sing, march, wrestle, tickle, destroy (intentionally), color, go potty on the toilet,  count (to about 7), and assume the role of big sister.

Her favorite things:

  • Anything “pretty” – Lotion is her favorite, but she also like makeup, nail polish, purses, hearts, flowers, JEWELRY, etc.
  • Dancing is pretty much her life
  • Singing is right up there with dancing
  • Eating fruit and cheetos is right up there with breathing
  • Seeing her Pa and grandma
  • Playing with her daddy
  • Madeline

We celebrated her birthday a week early because I had a pizza party planned already and decided to combine the two events. Cause who wants to clean two weeks in a row? Just kidding!

What could it be??!!
June 2009 048

Ang, she ADORES her bracelets and purse. She sneaks them in to bed with her…
June 2009 053

Audrey was too funny…she absolutely could NOT contain her excitement while Susannah opened her gifts.
June 2009 059

And the cake-face picture. Still haven’t come close to beating Davy’s.
June 2009 047

I signed up for a Dominos House Party and they sent us a $75 giftcard…we had lots of pizza! Yum!
June 2009 045