I don’t know what brings these posts on.  Maybe it’s all the extra hormones from just having had a baby (okay, almost 5 months has gone by, so I probably can no longer use that excuse), maybe it’s just because I’m a girl – although I did spend a large portion of my life trying to convince myself that I didn’t have all those girly emotions.  I must have saved them all up over the years because I seem to have an over-abundance of them right now!  You know, the whole breaking-down-and-crying-because-your-family-sent-you-a-nice-birthday-box kind of thing. (By the way, guys, THANKS! I’ll be calling you all very soon.)

Anyway, all that to say that I’ve been thinking about all my people recently and wanted to take a few minutes to let you all know how much I love and appreciate you.  Here’s my thankful list:

Dad and Mom – I’m so thankful for all the whippin’s, teaching, time, effort, prayer, and love you gave me.  I never realized what an incredibly hard job you had until I had my own little monster.

Dad and Mom Lewis – I’m thankful for both of you.  Having you nearby has helped so much to ease the pain of my own parents being so far away.

Phil – for being the best big-little brother ever!  You were my very best friend growing up, even when I didn’t tell you.  I’m also grateful that you didn’t strangle me during those school years when I talked more than I worked (or for burning a hole in your ceiling with my lamp!).  You will always be one of my heroes.

Jenn – for not hating me forever for trying to break you and Phil up!  I love ya…

Ang – for all those childhood memories/laughs.  You were such a little savage! (Makes for good family stories!)  I miss you more than I ever knew was possible.

Josh – I’m thankful that I was right when I said you’d never get away from us!

Jonny, Davy, Jesse, Reuben, Alisa, McKinley, Audrey, and little Billy – I’m thankful to have the world’s most awesome neices/nephews!  Even the one(s) I haven’t met yet!

Josh, Michelle, and Regina – I’m thankful for friends!  Yall are the best!

Heather and Caleb – I’m thankful you are close enough to visit once in a while….even a tiny taste of home is enough when homesickness becomes overwhelming.

Plack Road Baptist – for all you were during the years that I needed a church to make a difference.

Pleasant Valley Baptist – for still being around to make a difference in my children’s lives.

Heidi and Ty – just for keeping in touch once in a while!  Yall are hard to catch!

Jacob – for making all the difference during the transition time when I moved here.  And for making me laugh when I really felt like crying.

Faraway Friends – There are a lot of you.  You know who you are and I’m thankful for each one of you.  I’m not very good at keeping in touch, but I think of you often.