So, no, I haven’t been posting.
Here’s the way life has gone:

1) I hurt my back – so much for losing weight. I can no longer exercise.
2) I hurt my knee simultaneously. Again, with the weight-loss depression.
3) A giant hailstorm sweeps through – you guessed it- Seagoville (mind you, not Mesquite, not Dallas, not anywhere except Seagoville) and decimates our garden (that Jeremy has spent countless hours preparing, planting, watering, weeding, etc), our grapevines that had the mother lode of grapes ripening, and nectarine tree (that we finally had nectarines on for the first year ever), destroys my lilies (that were in full blooom) and roses (also in full bloom), and the verdict is still out on the hydrangea and our newly-planted magnolia (whose flowers had just opened that same day). Oh, and our roof has to be replaced. And the hail destroyed my swing.
And then, just in case there was anything left struggling to survive it hailed again today. No sense leaving a job half done.

Nice story, right?

4) I’ve had the cold/flu/allergies/whatever of death this week – which by the way has given my back and knee plenty of time to heal since I’ve pretty much been staying in bed.
5) Certain old “friends” who shall remain nameless decide to snub me for no apparent reason. Guess if you’re high and mighty enough you don’t need a reason anymore. Their loss.

So, yes….I’ve been avoiding the phone and the computer this week. On a bright note, however, my little one’s have been complete angels and I almost feeling human again.

I’m dedicating this post to Jeremy, who wants it for posterity sake. Otherwise I would have kept it to myself since it’s not exactly, um…uplifting.

No sympathy, please. Really.