Hey, everyone!  It’s been a while, so here’s an little update on what we’ve been up to.

Susannah will be 3 next Monday. In some ways it seems like she’s been three for a long time already because she’s so tall for her age – and also because some of her thought processes are more advanced than they should be (and that’s not always good).
Bear-bear is still a great favorite and he goes everywhere with us – to church, to grandmas, to the store, to the doctor, on family walks (she pushes him in his own little stroller)…. He is rattier looking than ever, but I’ll admit that I love how much she loves him. We accidently left him in a Walgreens a few weeks ago and didn’t discover it until several hours later. We’d just about given up hope of finding him again and I think I was closer to tears than Susannah. Thankfully the employees weren’t “respector of persons” or they would have surely thrown him in the trash!
My little wild child is almost fully potty trained although she still needs reminders. She loves her big girl panties and the first thing she does in the morning is jump out of bed and rush to put them on. I still haven’t tackled the overnight part although I know I should.
Her favorite daily uniform is a “pretty dress.” Unfortunately she is a rough and tumble kind of girl and I’m not sure that any of the dresses will survive for Madeline. She adores earrings and necklaces and bracelets. She hates shoes. Actually, let me rephrase. She loves pretty shoes but she hates wearing them. She has a silver pair of flip-flops that were given to her by her cousins (the poor child was actually wearing them that day but Susannah was so enamored that they gave them to her on the spot!) and they are her standard choice. Mine also, since the second we get in the car she kicks them off. They’re much easier to put back on than lace-up shoes, especially when it’s a thousand degrees out – which it always is in Texas.
She recognizes most of her letters and can write some of them – her favorite is H, T, and A. She calls the S a sneaky snake. Her favorite books are Olivia (a little girl pig who is quite reminiscent of a certain little brown-eyed child), any kind of I Spy type of book (although her patience level is zero – so if she can’t “spy” the object in about 3 seconds she gets pretty ticked off), and The Giving Tree. Her favorite movie characters, by far, are the Little Einsteins. Her favorite song is Trust and Obey, and she knows every word of the first verse and chorus. If only she would learn to apply the principles to her own life! Hehehe. She is a very “busy” but if you can catch her she is pretty loveable. She is always telling us how “pretty” we are.

Madeline has finally started walking! She (obviously) does things at her own pace. Her favorite word is “belly” which she pats enthusiastically while chanting over and over. She loves to eat but has started getting pickier as she gets older (probably from watching Susannah). Her favorite food is bananas. She’s by far the more cuddly of the two girls, always up for hugs and kisses. Her hair has lightened up to a very light brown/dark blonde color that has a lot of red in it. Her eyes are as blue as Susannah’s are brown. She LOVES brushing her teeth. She’s anemic so we’re giving her an iron supplement (yuk!) which she happily slurps down each night – I don’t know how, it’s gross. The only time she’s ever really unhappy is when Susannah does something she can’t. She hates being left behind, especially when Susannah goes outside with daddy (which is often, Susannah trails him everywhere). She can finally reach the piano and loves play duets with her sister. They both LOVE music, although it’s hard to say if Madeline is into it as much as Susannah, who is definitely our little dancer.

Jeremy is staying busy, as always. He’s working his summer schedule right now so he has less time in the evenings, but it’s nice to have him home on Fridays. He re-planted the garden after our hail storm and spends lots of time out there watering and talking to his plants. :)
He teaches the Sunday evening teenage class and has a host of other duties (I used this word just for you, Jeremy) that keeps him running after church services. He is Bro Taylors personal computer tech and just that takes quite a bit of time.
He’s been wanting to visit his grandpa so we’re planning on driving to Colorado in the next couple of weeks to visit with family.
He’s been really busy with the house trying to find someone to put on a new roof (thanks to the hail), an exterminator for termites, and trying to figure out why our DSL keeps going on the blink, as well as finish up painting and all of his other regular maintenance. No one could ever accuse Jeremy of being lazy, that’s for sure.

I’m just me. I’m getting older, have a lot of grey in my hair (which I think is a good enough reason for Ang to move down here) and a few lines on my face. Mentally I don’t feel as old as I know I am. I think spending so many years with friends who were younger than me did that for me (or maybe it’s genetic, because grandma Friesner says the same thing)! I don’t find it nearly as easy to keep my house clean and uncluttered as it used to be. It makes me wonder how on earth mom ever did it with all of us hooligan kids running around. And Jenn, too. They are truly wonder-women. Maybe one of these days I’ll learn to be that motivated. But for now I just barely keep the clutter from completely overtaking my house, which is partly due to my compulsive deal-getting. I mean, seriously, who needs 36 bottles of mens bodywash? Even if it was free! I’m trying to sell/donate enough of it to keep the shelves from breaking. I’m struggling to lose that last 10 lbs – I’ve got to say, it’s a new thing for me. I guess being home around the food all the time makes it harder, and my new love of eating doesn’t help either! Ha! Speaking of which, I need to take a Cheeto break…

We’ve been following the Dave Ramsey plan for a couple of years now, and I’ve got to say – I love it! It really helps to have separate funds set up for everyday things we never thought much about before, like car tags, gifts, and my personal favorite, household goods. :) It also comes in handy to have an emergency fund when you have to exterminate termites or replace your roof! If you haven’t read The Total Money Makeover yet, I can’t suggest it highly enough. Okay, that’s my only plug, I promise.

Hopefully that gives everyone an update on our family – no promises on when the next one will be! ;)