So a couple of years ago I joined a site called BzzAgent. Some of you have probably heard me talking about products I’ve received from them to try before, but this is by far my favorite Bzzkit I’ve received to date.
The concept of BzzAgent is simple: they give you a product to try and you tell your friends what you think about it. Awesome, right?

So this time around they sent me a box full of items from Elmers CraftBond and X-ACTO. They just released a new product line for paper crafting that is being carried at Walmart and guess who gets to sample their products first? Yep, me! (Not to gloat…okay, yeah, I’m gloating.)

Here’s a snapshot of my awesome kit

Now…we all know that I’m only a wannabe scrapbooker. I have big dreams, okay.
And of course, they have these snazzy card layouts on the website for me to try, which I may. You never know.
But I had a more simple plan in mind for a project I’ve been trying to get around to for months now – a prayer journal.
Now, trust me, I know that I don’t need to much for a prayer journal. A pencil and the book should suffice. But I want to put faces with names (like the Supreme Court justices – and truthfully, I dont even know their names) so I used my handy-dandy new tools to put together most of the book in a few short hours. Like I said, nothing fancy, but I got to use the adhesive, scissors, and corner rounder – and for their prices (much lower than the other brands!) I think I would actually purchase (gasp!) some of these items myself.
Here’s a little glimpse of my book (not finished yet, but I’m so much closer now that I was!) just to prove that I actually did get around to one of my projects. ;)

Don’t laugh. I can’t help it if I’m an amateur. And I can’t get fancy or I’ll never get this finished.