Just a little list of things I’m currently loving.



~Going Rogue by Sarah Palin.  Good book.

~These completely adorable hats by capsofgrace.  Must have another baby just so I can use their newborn hats.

~The word “beleaguered” (i.e. Jeremy has a certain beleaguered expression whenever forced to enter stores such as Bath & Body Works)

~Josh Groban’s “February Song” (this is definitely not a recent discovery, but it’s currently on my listen-t0-every-day list.

~These shoes from Lands End.  Got ’em on clearance. :)

~Not necessarily this exact table – but the counter-height infatuation isn’t going away…

~I love, love, love aprons like these by CreativeChics.  I’ll take 12, please.

~My new HTC Aria. :)  Jeremy even bought me a red cover for it – what a guy.