So here are a few successes and, *ahem* FAILURES from my list for this year.

~Maintain a consistent daily devotional time – Obviously, since I’m THIRTY-ONE, I should have conquered this a long time ago. But still I struggle with it. I have been doing much, much better this year, though! So I count this as a success-in-progress!

~Find 12 new “keeper” recipes – I really need to work on this. So far I’ve found maybe two that my family would eat consistently. Not counting Susannah, of course, who only eats pizza, fruit, broccoli, and the occasional bread product. Oh, payback is something else, isn’t it?

~Finish reading An American Life by Ronald Reagan – Well, I still have 6 months left, right? :)

~Memorize 12 Bible verses (one per month) – Ooh, so far I’ve only memorized 1 new verse. Better get to work on that. I think my memory is broken, though.

~Learn 1 new song on the piano (well) – AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Again, on the 6 months to go thing.

~Take a road trip around Beltline Road – We took a day trip in September and did this. I took a photo journal of the trip and never posted it. Maybe soon. :) It was a good 60 miles or so (?) and loops around and through the entire metroplex.

~Consistently use my home organizational planner – Now this, I will count as a success. I’m still working the kinks out but I have been consistently using it and it’s helping me tremendously. Thanks to SimpleMom for her downloadable daily docket.

~Not have any library late fines – So far, so good! ;)

~Take the girls to a pumpkin patch – Total failure on this one, although I did valiantly try to find one in the area. :(

~Make the girls Christmas dresses – The patterns are bought, the fabric is bought, now, just to start!

~Potty train Madeline – This is probably TMI, but she told me last night she needed to go dooky and SHE DID!!! Major victory!

~Stay in closer contact with my siblings – HMM.

~Visit my grandma at least twice – We are going down on Friday! Halfway there!

~Make myself more available for service in the church – I’ll be starting to teach the newly created very little kids Sunday School class in January. Madeline, Justus, eventually little Billy, and Susannah is moving down too. This is going to be very challenging for me. I ADORED teaching the 4-5 year-olds but 2 year-olds are a different story. I could use some advice and a lot of prayer. ;)

~Go shopping on Black Friday – Did and done! Empty bank accounts to attest (just kidding)!

~Maintain a regular exercise regimine – This has been an off-and-on success. Which….kind of makes it a failure. :(

~Make a hospitality tray for guests – Done :)

So I obviously have work to do…..