After miserably failing the last diet of death (ask Ang or Lanae if you want more info – I’ve chosen to block it from my memory as much as possible) I’ve kind of just given in to my somewhat new, but definitely all-consuming passion for eating anything in sight. Or out of sight.
One thing I’ve learned as a couponer – there are a lot of deals on junk. Candy, cookies, candy, cake, candy, chips, candy, macaroni and cheese, candy, Pillsbury Grands Cinnabon sweet rolls with cream cheese frosting, and did I mention candy can be found in abundance in my home at any given time. All for free. And for the first time, I’m beginning to think that free might not always be a good thing.

To be honest, I’m not that far away from my goal weight – 10 lbs or less. But I’ve been stuck since Madeline was born, which was, ahem, almost two years ago now.

I know I need to be feeding my family healthier meals and have been doing some research on what I should change first so I was pretty excited when the One to One Network offered me a sneak peak at Cynthia Sass’s (author of Flat Belly Diet) new book, Cinch! which is due to hit stores in January. I haven’t had a chance to read the entire book yet, but a quick skim has me excited to try her program out for myself.

There is a 5 Day Fast Forward optional plan that jumpstarts your weight loss journey that I haven’t yet decided if I want to try. It all seems a little too reminiscent of the aforementioned diet, but I may jump on board for the 5 day challenge. The thing I really love about this book is that she has the recipes already made up for you – and they all use normal food! During the fast forward phase you only eat meals made up of 5 foods: eggs, raspberries, spinch (really not sure about that – blech), almonds, and yogurt. And despite my aversion to spinach and most yogurt many of the recipes sound quite appetizing.

The program runs for 30 days and by the end you are supposed to be able to make healthy choices easily by understanding exactly how many servings of grains, protein, vegetables, etc you need each day. I’m definitely a dunce in that area so I’m hoping this claim is true!

The best part? Cynthia insists on a chocolate indulgence every day! Okay, count me in!

The second best part?  You don’t have to count calories!  Ooooh, Jeremy is going to be so ticked off!