Texas winters are crazy.

Last weekend it was sunny and around 70 degrees.

This week it’s been around 20 and icy.  School was cancelled Tuesday through Friday so Jeremy’s been home all week.   For some reason that throws my whole schedule off.  Not that it’s his fault.  Seriously.  He’s pretty unobtrusive, actually.  But for whatever reason, I just can’t get things done when he’s home.  Nice of me to blame him, huh?

Susannah’s had about twice her normal energy this week – double the people to entertain, I guess.

So what to do when it’s frozen outside and you’re stuck in the house all week?

A lot of this:

And this:

Some of this:

Lots of:

And more:

Jeremy’s idea of a craft project


The big game – Jeremy and Madeline squared off against Susannah, Bear-Bear and Pokey Little Puppy

Happy Winter!