Okay, I admit it.  I’m becoming a Valentines Day junkie.  Maybe it’s because I have two little girls, ahem, excuse me – two little princesses (their definition, not mine), that I love all the pinks and reds, hearts, and glitter.  Or maybe it’s because I secretly feel like I’m a princess (ahahahahahahahHAHAHA!).  I don’t know.  Either way, every time I see some cute little Valentines-Day-themed decor I want to buy it.  I don’t, but I want to.

Now, I’m not talking cupids – not my style.  I just mostly like hearts.  And pink.  And cupcakes.  You’ll see.

First on the list: heart-shaped cupcake sprinkles.  I bought some of these last year and regretted not stocking enough to last the whole year.  I won’t make that mistake again.  You can never have too many heart-shaped cupcake sprinkles.

Next,  I’m also on a cupcake kick.  They’re just so dang cute.  Plus you can use the heart sprinkles on them…

I think I need this really cool filled cupcake pan – or one similar.  I saw one at Walmart (in the V-day section of course!) for $18 but it’s gone now : (  I’m not really sure I could explain an $18 cupcake pan to Jeremy anyway so maybe it’s better that it’s gone.

As long as we’re talking about cupcakes – I did break down and buy this adorable cupcake tree.  I plan on using it for Madelines birthday next month.  Can’t beat $5 at Wally World.  (Maybe they’re good for something after all)

Do you see what I see? : )

And finally.  Not Valentine-related at all but definitely worth a few minutes of your time.  If you watched the Superbowl you’ve probably already seen this.  Too bad, watch it again. :O)

Go here to view.

Can I have that kid?