If you know me at all, you know that I’m ALWAYS late getting gifts to people.  Without fail.  I honestly think that it would be the cause of serious concern of my mental well-being if I were to get a card or gift in the mail on time…

Probably one of my worst procrastinations ever has been mom’s Christmas/birthday box that she just recieved.  Yes, her birthday is January 10th.  And yes, she just got her box on February 14th.   Hey, that covers Valentines Day too! ; )

So anyways, this particular project was actually done several weeks ago but I couldn’t post it because that would ruin the surprise.  Or maybe the surprise was that the box got there at all.  Not sure about that one.

I saw this idea somewhere several years ago and I would give credit to whomever actually came up with it if I could remember who it was!

I love the finished product and plan on making one for myself.  Actually, I plan on making two for myself – one for each side of our family.

I’ve looked at a lot of variations of family trees, from the super simple to the insanely complex (think  gigantic wall mural), but this has always remained my favorite. I prefer simple things that are still able to hold a lot of meaning.

It’s super easy!  Paint a tree on a canvas and add leaves.  Stick in a frame and voila!