In retrospect it probably wasn’t the wisest choice to schedule Susannah’s dentist appointment for the day after the sugar-fest that is February 14th.

I’ve been prepping her for six months to get her ready for her first x-rays (after she refused to do it on her last visit).

Monday night she tripped mid-twirl and landed on her lip.  How do you even do that?

So Tuesday morning I took her, the fat lip, and the fat baby sister to the dentist, praying all the while that my instructions (“Stand on the chair and bite the machine when they tell you to or die”) would be followed.  Well….I’m happy and fairly proud to say that she was a perfect little angel who did everything requested of her, right down to the fluoride.  I wonder if they’ve made fluoride taste better than when I was a kid?  Cause I remember that stuff being truly awful.  I really should have taken a picture of her sitting in the big chair with the protective glasses and proud expression.  Ah, having children really is worth it once in a while.

Results from the trip?

Temporary Fairy Tattoo for being so good = happy Susannah.

Not having to do anything other than sit in moms lap and be chubby = happy Madeline.

Clean bill of health (except for one slightly loose tooth thanks to the twirling episode, which should tighten back up) = happy momma.

Now if I could just convince Madeline that the dentist isn’t trying to eat her but  really does just want to see her teeth…