Last week started out well-organized.  Monday and Tuesday I worked hard on my de-cluttering and cleaning and stayed right on schedule.  Then Wednesday arrived.  {Dun, dun, dun}

My sis-in-law, Michelle had a dr. appointment so I watched her kids for the afternoon.  Her kids were great.  Mine, not so much.  Little stinkers.  So there went that day.

Then Thursday I had to take Susannah to the doctor to check out her foot.  She jumped off the bed a few weeks ago and had been complaining about her toe hurting ever since.  (Of course, after two weeks of telling me every morning that her toe still hurt she declared herself healed the day of the appointment.)  Still, just in case, we took her.  They sent us to get it x-rayed, which took FOREVEEEEEEEEEER, so there went Thursday.  X-rays came back fine, by the way.  I think she willed it to heal after she heard that if there was  fracture she would have to have her two toes taped together.  (She immediately told me that it didn’t hurt anymore after hearing the doctor say that.)

By the time Friday rolled around I still had all my baking/decorating  for Madelines birthday to do.  With my week shot I just resigned myself to starting up again on Monday (today).

Saturday was Madelines birthday so after a frantic quick-clean of the house we relaxed and waited for the guests to arrive.

Seems to be a typical week these days.  At least I have Mondays and Tuesdays, right?