Since I’m in the middle of her 10-day (although at my rate it may be 10-weeks) de-cluttering/cleaning project, Project Simplify, hosted by Tsh over at SimpleMom came at the perfect time.  For the next 5 weeks she’ll be  posting a new project to focus on cleaning and decluttering different hot spots in our homes (one per week).  Want to join?  Come on, it’ll be fun!

Hot Spot #1 – Master Bedroom Closet

I’m going to be honest, my closet has been a work in progress for a while so the before and after photos aren’t that impressive, but here goes anyway.


My side of the closet (except the hats)

Jeremys side of the closet

And the dramatic (ha!) after photos:

Jeremy didn’t go through his stuff so there’s not much of  a difference here.

I also have a fairly large pile of clothing and shoes that I have ready to go to the ARC or a thrift store.  I’ve been working on going through my clothing for a month or two now and I probably own less clothing now that I have since I was a little girl (possibly less than even then!).  I don’t love every piece of clothing left but I’m afraid to get rid of too much.  A girl’s got to have something to wear while she searches for those perfect outfits that have to be out there somewhere!  Ideally, I would  like to employ a variation of  Crystal’s (moneysavingmom) philosphy on clothing and have 10 or so mix-and-match outfits that I really love and actually fit me well.  (See her post here!)

For now, though, I’ll just make do with what’s left of my wardrobe. : )