Why does Spring Break always fly by so fast?

Monday we stayed home and worked around the house.  Jeremy fixed his something-or-the-other on his car and I deep-cleaned the kitchen.  Okay, half the kitchen.  (The other half is still waiting…)

Tuesday we decided to take a trip to Temple and visit “great-grandma Freez-uh-ner (pronunciation courtesy of Susannah).  We stayed the night and had a very nice visit, complete with cookies and spaghetti squash, a nice walk, and trip to Office Max to pick out a new computer for the soon-to-be technologically-savvy grandma.

Uncle John magically produced a wagon for the girls to ride in – which quickly elevated him to hero status.

It’s so nice to be close enough to make quick visits several times a year!

Yay for timers!  Boo for no longer having an excuse to be absent from the photos…

We came home Wednesday and commenced packing for Jeremy and Susannah’s camping trip (along with Grandpa, Uncle Josh, Noah, and Audrey).  They were gone through Saturday and Jeremy says Susannah reverted to her savage roots…not surprising, folks.  Not surprising at all.

Eating her strawberry “smarshmallows”



The handsome fish-slaying husband displaying his eagle powers.

Madeline and I stayed home and, well….ate.  And shopped.  We did a lot of both.  Which would explain the diet this week.