Did anyone notice that I skipped Hotspot #2?
I didn’t technically skip it. It is cleaned, organized, pared down, decluttered, etc. I just haven’t ever taken the “after” photos. Ah well. You win some, you lose some. Or in my case, you lose most.

So this week Simple Mom challenged us to tackle the kids clothing and toys. Here is her post in case you’re interested in reading it (and I find that most of her posts are worth the time).
This was a relatively simple area since I’ve striven to keep their toys to a minimum for quite some time now. The general rule is that if they don’t play with it for a few months it gets put into the donate/sell/trash box, otherwise they just pull all their toys out in quest of a certain item and leave the rest on the floor to be cleaned up later. And getting them to clean up….not my idea of fun. They’re actually quite good at it when properly motivated. :) Still, less is better here, in my opinion.
I did try to explain the concept of sharing items we no longer use with others to Susannah but her answer to every item I held up to question was “Yeah…I want to keep that. It’s not broken.” Maybe she’s not quite old enough yet… ;) She did eventually agree to a few things that she really isn’t all that interested in. The majority of what the girls play with these days are:

Play food/dishes/etc
Train set

Here are some before and after photos. Have a wonderful weekend, all!

Before view of Susannahs room/playroom (this is normal).

We keep the blocks and trains in bins that slide under the bed but use this small end table to store all the miscellaneous toys.

And again with the normal state of affairs…
Totally off topic here, but how many times a day on average do you sing happy birthday and eat pretend cupcakes? I’m estimating about seven here in Lewisville…

The “after” room shot. Still not as clutter-free as I’d personally like but certain concessions had to be made. Like that stroller that’s missing the fabric. The girls tore it off a long time ago but it’s just the size for Bear-bear to sit in and be wheeled through the house.

And besides, who can say no to these eyes? Not me, folks. She knows how to use them to her best advantage, too. Moral of the story? Until they get tired of it or it is broken beyond repair, the stroller stays.

One drawer – the top drawer, as Susannah will be quick to tell you, is for dress-up items. DO NOT make the mistake of putting something in the bottom drawer that belongs in the top drawer or vice versa! Being the mini-me that she is (at least regarding her tendencies that some call borderline obsessive-compulsive) it’s almost the level of unpardonable sin to mix items in the wrong drawers. (I feel that at least on this particular issue this works to my advantage. But that could be my obsessive-compulsiveness peeking through).

And the rather sparse drawer for everything else. Sigh…Love it. If only I could pare my stuff down that much!

I’m fairly sure that this won’t be a long-time solution for the play food but it’ll work until I get another under-the-bed storage bucket. They play with them so much that it’s almost not worth putting them away.

Just because it’s cute: we peeked in on them the other day and saw this (they were praying before eating their “food”).

I’m not including any photos of the clothing because I didn’t do much except pull a few 18 month things out of Madelines closet. I’m pretty consistent about keeping their clothes rotated and orderly. I have to say though, that I LOVED Tsh’s dresser with bins. I would really like to do something like that when the girls move in together in the next year or so.