Tsh over at Simplemom challenged us this week to work on cleaning out the refrigerator and pantry. (Check out her post here for all the helpful hints and tips.)
I’m finding that since I’m going through the 10-day (ha!) plan in her book that many of these project are overlapping for me. I deep cleaned and de-cluttered my kitchen last week (and what a chore that was!) so my refrigerator is still in almost-sparkling condition. I’ve got to admit…I’ve often been guilty of having suspicious unknown items shoved at the back of my refrigerator but I’ve really been working on that lately so there wasn’t much in the area of science projects to throw out. Mainly it just needed to be deep-cleaned (how do refrigerators get so gross?)

I did not, however, get around to my pantry last week and it was on the current schedule of projects to tackle, so perfect timing.
Most of you know that I’m somewhat of a stockpiler so I actually have a pantry in my kitchen and a set of overflow shelves in my garage.
(I’ve been struggling lately with the question of whether a person can live simply and stockpile, and so far haven’t come to any conclusions.)
I’ve really been needing to rotate items and put the soonest expiring products in front of all the new items that I’ve just been haphazardly piling up on the shelves and I managed to accomplish that as well as clean the shelves while they were bare before restocking. (Was that a run-on sentence?)
I’m pretty happy with the results!

Kitchen Pantry before

Garage pantry shelves before:

Garage pantry floor (YIKES) before

Kitchen Pantry after

Kitchen pantry after (taco seasoning, anyone?)

Garage pantry after

Garage pantry floor after (oops…looks like I forgot to clean the floor in here…)

I’ll donate these items to someone. Probably just bring them to the church to see if anyone can use this stuff.

And this lovely little pile of stuff was expired….some of it by several years (!!!!). I’ll be honest, that wasn’t even all of it (but most). YUK! Who knew that boullion has an expiration date?!?! Not me, obviously.

See anything you want? :o