So the other day Madeline had a ladybug crawling on her arm and she really freaked out. You know, screaming in terror sort of thing.

Then this morning at about 1 she woke up screaming bloody murder and when I went in there she was holding her arm and screaming about bugs biting her. When I picked her up she was on fire and by the time I found the thermometer she was throwing up. Our thermometer read 106 and 107. Neither of my girls has ever run a fever that high and it scared me so I put her in the car and took her to the ER in Kaufman. Well…four hours later we were still waiting to be seen and the motrin and tylenol had lowered her temp (which by the way read 104 at the hospital, not 107)so I brought her home without seeing the doctor.
She’s had a pretty high temp all day and it keep spiking when her medicine wears off. She’s been complaining all day of bugs biting her feet. Is she hallucinating? Losing circulation? Just not feeling well and that’s what she’s scared of at the moment? Has anyone had their kids do something similar? I’m at a loss.