I have a confession.

I’m not a very good cook.

I mean, I can follow a recipe well enough.  Who can’t?  But I’ve been stuck in this awful cooking rut for a long time now.  It’s bad enough that I feel sorry for Jeremy, even though he’s pretty much the most patient person in the world about my culinary shortcomings.

Although he does get tired of tacos.

So last week I finally tackled a project I’ve been putting off for a while.  As in, years.

I organized my giant mess of a cookbook.  This is my homemade conglomeration of  rip-the- yummy-looking-recipes-out-of-the-magazine, scrawled-on-bits-of-paper-as-they’re dictated-over-the-phone-mom-recipes, e-mailed-tips-from-the-vile-one (aka Heather) who of course is a culinary wonder, and yes, even the old tried-and-true few that I’ve acquired over the years but are still floating on a loose piece of paper instead of having a permanent home.  It took a while but I got it all organized in my big falling-apart-at-the-seams binder.  (You can’t win em all.)

While I was pasting and weeding out recipes that I seriously have no idea why I would save I decided that the easiest way to dig myself out of the gargantuan rut I’m in is to actually try some of those recipes I clipped to try “someday”.
So my new goal: Cook every single recipe in my binder.   It may take a while, especially considering the amount of dessert recipes in there, but I guess it would be okay to skip a few of those.

I’m kind of hoping that I will keep myself accountable by posting about my successes (hopefully) and I’m sure, many failures.

Because even a failure may be better than having tacos…again.  Just ask Jeremy.

Success #1 – Monte Cristo sandwiches.

I did not deep fry these, as the recipe called for, but cooking them on  a griddle, like pancakes, worked just fine and cut out all that grease (gross).  I thought they were just as good as the versionI tried once upon a time at the restaurant in Fairbanks.  Yes, the restaurant in Fairbanks.  Narrows it down doesn’t it?  I’m ashamed to say that I absolutely cannot remember the name of the place.  Danielle worked there for a while…you know, big place over off of….that road.  Wow.  I must have been gone a while.  I could still drive there, though!  ; )

And of course – Failure #1 – Brownie Pizza

Made this for family night cause I thought Susannah would get a kick out of it.  She loves anything and everything that has to do with fruit, especially strawberries.  Unfortunately I had the wrong size of pizza pan so the edges of the brownie were thinner than called for and burned.  And for some reason the cream cheese mixture that glued the strawberries down made it mushy.  Ick.  Of course, that didn’t stop us from eating some.  It actually wasn’t bad the first night.  The leftovers went in the trash, though.  Even the girls wouldn’t eat the soggy brownies.  Can’t really blame them though.  We won’t be trying this recipe again.