Last week was  a busy one.

Jeremy, Ang, and Jonny all had birthdays, not that I really did much to help celebrate Ang and Jonny’s days but it’s a big enough feat for me to get a box in the mail that I thought it worth mentioning. : )

Friday the girls spent the night at grandma and pa’s which I’m sure was the highlight of their week.  Jeremy and I had the chance to enjoy a date night, which included monster Hawaiian hamburgers, Braums ice cream, and staying up waaaaaay too late watching movies (we aren’t exactly spring chickens anymore).

Since we were childless on Saturday we decided to ride our bikes to the in-laws.  It would have been an okay ride except for the 30 mile-per-hour wind that we fought for most of the 20 miles.  I probably wont be doing that again.   : )

We celebrated Jeremys birthday with his family that night  and the kids hunted for Easter eggs with great enthusiasm.   Personally, I’m glad we’re past another holiday.  Bah, humbug, I know, but seriously.  Every month is another holiday it seems and I’m burned out.

Madeline has been up coughing and crying for the past two nights so if I seem grumpy and tired…it’s because I am.