Last week was busy with a lot of normal activities:  shopping, potty training, story-time at the library, splashing in the pool, cooking, cleaning, etc., but Friday we had a special treat – Heather, Caleb, and the girls came for a quick visit.  It didn’t last long enough, but we had a nice evening chatting and laughing and eating, followed by a nice morning chatting and laughing, and yep, eating.  ; )

They had to head out around noon for a family members graduation but we enjoyed every minute of their stay.  And even better – we get to see Heather and the girls again next week when we head to great-grandma Fries-uh-ners (pronunciation by Susannah) for the week.

There’s nothing in the world quite like siblings.  : )

Even the ones you never used to get along with… ; )

Susannah had Uncle Caleb trapped on the couch for quite a while…

This one isn’t super fond of me.  Whatever.  My plan is to ply her with Goldfish crackers until she realizes that I’m the awesome auntie.  Sounds foolproof to me.

I’ve (once again) officially given up on making cakes from scratch.  They just aren’t worth the time and effort.  Cake mixes are so much easier (not to mention better)…