Last week the girls and I went down to Temple to spend time with Great-Grandma Fries-uh-ner (Susannah adores her…she literally cried at the end of the week when she had to go home), Heather (aka Vile), my little buddy Alisa, and Teeny-Tiny (not so much my buddy).

We really did have a good time.  Played some mean card games with Grandma and Heather until all hours of the night (and morning), went craft shopping (hooray!), chased our kids around, ate some killer sausage (thanks to U. John), and spent quite a bit of time at the park (also thanks to U. John who completely won the kids over by wheeling them down there every night in the wagon).  We also talked a lot, probably a billion or so words, and miraculously only maybe fifty of those were spent fighting.  Which was possibly due to the late nights…

Uncle J. winning those brownie points with the girls :)

The wild child in the flesh.

Well at least Heathers kids look happy.

Where did this come from?!  I only take alien/cigarrette lady pictures of my sisters so I know I didn’t take this photo.  I’m sensing a self-portrait here…

The only time these two ever did anything together – partners in crime at Michaels, grabbing at anything within reach. Poor Mad…all the cousins like playing with Susannah.

Just a guess, but I think we wore poor Grandma out…Hannah doesn’t seem to mind, though.

Alisa’s impression of the water park.

Pretty sure she was saying her new favorite (and my un-favorite) word here – “myself”

Susannah adored the water park.  If she had her way she’d pack her bags and move in with Grandma forever.