I’ve really had the crafting itch lately, but there’s been so much happening that I really haven’t had much time to dedicate to it.  This little project was super easy and quick  (although I’ll admit that it took me several weeks to complete!) and if you have all of the materials on hand it wouldn’t take more than an hour or so to complete.   Mine, being made by me, of course didn’t turn out perfectly, (none of my projects ever do) but I still think it’s completely adorable.  I’ll probably try again soon, though, and hopefully get all of my seams closed this time…. (insert eye roll here).

You can find the directions here on the DIY Dish website – love, love, love!  Warning, though, if you look around their site for very long you’ll probably stumble across a project you’ll just have to try!  Like these fabric pinwheels…. ;O)