I’m so happy to finally be attempting some of the many cute projects that I’ve bookmarked over the years. I’m such a copycat. Since I’m obviously not a creator myself I just wait for the truly creative people to have their brilliant ideas and then I steal them. I especially like step-by-step tutorials that take all of the guesswork out of projects. :)

This wall art tutorial I found over at Living Locurto was super quick and easy, which translates into instant love when it’s also super adorable. I should have stuck with the 12×12 canvas that I originally bought and then convinced myself was too large. I didn’t think Jeremy would be too happy about going back to exchange it for the second time though, so I stuck with the 8×10. Because of that I had to wrap the paper around the canvas (or try to trim to size…uh, I don’t think so) which unfortunately bubbled up a little bit when I put on the finishing coat of mod podge. With the owl I just decided to skip the background piece altogether which easily took care of that little irritation.
Overall – cute! My girls won’t be ashamed (at least not for another year or two) to put it on their wall and I won’t be terribly upset if they pull up a chair to drag it off the wall and rip it to shreds (likely at this stage of their lives).
It’s win-win!

I should have positioned this whole thing differently so it wouldn’t be so crowded at the bottom but I was in a hurry and didn’t think it out well.