If I remember correctly (and it’s pretty risky to rely solely on my memory these days) I only went to Valdez twice during my years in Alaska. The first trip was with dad, Phil, and Gary, and there are only three things I really remember about it:
1) For whatever reason I didn’t go out fishing with them on the charter so I wandered around the docks by myself all day. In retrospect, probably not the wisest decision. Also very boring.
2) There were dead salmon floating in the water everywhere. Gross. And stinky.
3) At the very end of the road there was a speed limit sign of 29 mph. Yes, 29.

The other trip was with a whole bunch of people and the main memory I have is of being wet. I camped with Danielle, Ang, and Larisa. It rained/drizzled the entire time we were there and when you’re living in a tent there isn’t much chance of drying out. Couple of memories of that trip:
1) Seems like we spent a lot of time at the laundry mat drying our clothes and warming up
2) We went somewhere for lunch and dad and one of his fishing buddies (Gary again? Or maybe Doug?) ended up at the same place and joined our group. I have a really good photo of Ang and dad I got that day.
3) I know Phil and Jenn were there but I don’t recall seeing them more than once or twice.
4) I have these pictures of Josh and I fighting over the last bite of gumbo or jambalaya or something in Kim and Jackies camper. And judging by the looks on our faces in the last photo I think Josh lost that battle.

Sad, but that’s about all I remember about that trip. Now, the trip to Anchorage that came directly after that, well, that’s a different story. ;D