The girls had some fun crafting while the adults were in morning classes. We decorated tote bags and beautified flip-flops (and Susannah hot-glued her arm and tried to cut her bangs off, but that wasn’t really part of the program).
If you look closely, you can tell which girl had already broken her new flops in…

Camp ended on Thursday about noon and Jeremy and I headed off to start our own adventure: a two-day canoe trip down the river.
We had a nice trip, only flipped the canoe twice, and made it the entire 18.5 miles without drowning or killing each other.

Even though he didn’t need socks at all for the canoe trip, apparently Jeremy likes to be prepared (judging by the evidence I discovered in our overnight bag).

Starting out

We saw all kinds of fish, water snakes, turtles, several deer, blue heron, lunatic squirrels, and this raccoon.

The mighty spear-fisherman

Just tell him he’s intimidating.