Are vacations worth it?

You leave the house spotless but the moment you return home with fifty zillion bags it’s destroyed.

You have 83 loads of laundry that have to be done RIGHT NOW because nobody has any clean socks/undies/pants/etc. even though everything in the house had been laundered before leaving town.

You have to go shopping RIGHT NOW because there’s no milk/eggs/bread/cheese/etc. in the refrigerator.

No matter what day you return home it’s a Monday the first day back because the kids are bad. Maybe it’s just me but my kids are always BAD on Mondays.

Everyone is tired, sore, sunburned, and grumpy. Not to mention hungry and in need of clean clothes (see above).

Plus there’s the unpacking. Oh, that dreaded word.

Ah, vacations. So relaxing. So refreshing. All just to prepare you for the return to normalcy.