My soon-to-be-four Fancy-Nancy Susannah adores all things dress-up. I bought her this cheap sparkly purple foam crown at Michaels to bribe her to be good (yes, I’m that mom) and she wears it for many various occasions. Church, play, baths…

I’ve been reading The Creative Family by Amanda Blake Soule (Great book, by the way. Get it.) and one of traditions she encourages are birthday crowns. Their tradition is to only let the child wear the crown on the birthday, and although I will probably just give Susannah hers to wear as much as she wishes, I liked the idea enough to attempt one of my own. I didn’t follow any pattern really, just looked around etsy for some ideas and tried it on my own. Looking at the finished product, I probably should have used a pattern. Ah well, thankfully my kids don’t expect perfection from me (yet).
I hope my little princess has fun with her crown.

Terrible photo, I know. Hopefully I’ll get one of her wearing it on her birthday.