After I finished making her  birthday crown I decided Susannah also needed a wand, so I searched the internet for some ideas and ran across this lovely little tulle wand tutorial by Sweet ‘n’ Sassy Girls.  I thought it was too adorable to not make and since I had all of the materials needed already on hand – minus the dowel rod, which was easily obtained at Walmart for about thirty cents – it ended up being a very frugal little pretty to make for my big girl.

It’s a really simple project and only took between 30 and 40 minutes to complete.  The only problem I ran into was the ribbon unwinding from the bottom almost as soon as the girlies started playing with them (had to make one for Mad, too!) so I hot glued that baby down really well the second time around.

Cute, cute, cute!  And the girls are in heaven…although they do “sword fight” with them more than anything  (insert eye roll here).

Thanks, for an awesome, easy tutorial, Sweet ‘n’ Sassy Girls!