Remember this post? I do….although it seems like the far distant past instead of less than a year ago.
It’s hard to believe the year is already gone, but I’ll be 32 (eek!) on Saturday, so here are my accomplishments (and failures) for my 31st year.

~Maintain a consistent daily devotional time
Still struggling with this one, but I’ve done much better this year. Seems like I’m going to struggle with this until the day I die, but I wouldn’t consider it a failure unless I’d completely given up.

~Start working on My Life: A Collection of Memories
Fail. I’ve even had it sitting out with the books I’m currently reading as a constant reminder. I’ve even picked it up and leafed through it several times and still haven’t written down a single thing. This will be on next years list again.

~Find 12 new “keeper” recipes
Success! I’ve shared a few already and have several more that I’ll post soon. Tacos are a thing of the past (you know…like yesterday)!

~Finish reading An American Life by Ronald Reagan
Success! Finally! Good book, too.

~Teach Susannah to write all of her letters
Uh…no. We are working on reading, though, and we’ll move on to writing from there. I decided it would be better to teach reading before writing.

~Memorize 12 Bible verses (one per month)
Nope. Total fail. I memorized three total.

~Organize my photos into albums (hasn’t been done since I moved to TX)
Nope. Okay…this list is starting to be depressing.

~Learn 1 new song on the piano (well)
And again with the failures. But really, I set myself up on this one.

~Take a road trip around Beltline Road
Yes! And it was fun!

~Consistently use my home organizational planner
Yes, and it’s been an enormous help to me.

~Not have any library late fines
SUCCESS! This one is a big deal for me. Just ask Jeremy.

~Lose the last 10 lbs.
No…no. Still struggling along with that one.

~Figure out a workable mix-and-match 10-outfit wardrobe (inspired by MoneySavingMom)
Nope. It’s still a goal of mine, though.

~Start living by the mantra – If I don’t use it or love it, don’t keep it
I’m doing pretty well with this, although I still have a ways to go. I’m learning to regularly de-clutter, which is helping a lot.

~Learn to make my own compost
NO. :( Jeremy isn’t crazy about this idea.

~Take the girls to a pumpkin patch
Nope, but I gave it my best shot. Just couldn’t find one around here.

~Make the girls Christmas dresses

~Buy a counter height dining table set
No, but I’m currently looking.

~Potty train Madeline
Yeah. Sorta.

~Stay in closer contact with my siblings
I’ve tried. Kind of a fail/success. That’s not ambiguous at all, is it?

~Be nicer to my husband
Hmm….this should probably be on next years list again.

~Make my own bread weekly using whole wheat and/or grains
NO. I really want that book on making Artisan bread in 5 minutes a day. Maybe that would help.

~Visit my grandma at least twice
Oh yeah. Probably 5 times that.

~Make myself more available for service in the church
I’m teaching SS now.

~Go shopping on Black Friday
Yep, Heather and I made out like bandits.

~Maintain a regular exercise regimine
Success. Thanks mostly to the slavedriver husband.

~Make a hospitality tray for guests

~Balance the checkbook DAILY
Yes. Mostly.

~Spend less time on the computer
Yes. Mostly.

~Donate to a woman’s shelter
No, not yet. This is still a goal, though.

~Spend at least 10 minutes per day outside
No. Come on, it’s 105 out there.

My new list will be up soon. What are your goals this year?