Finish a creative project once a week = 52 projects

Start My Life: A Collection of Memories (yep…again)

Memorize 12 Scripture verses, 1 per month

Make a quilt – already have a pattern and most of the supplies (okay…for three.)

Update my journal weekly (or more)

Learn to draw more than a stick figure (already working on this one)

Learn 6 new songs on the piano (I know…I know)

Continue working with Susannah on learning to read, and start writing and basic math

Visit Phil and Jenn in Washington and take a trip to the Oregon coast! (Okay, this probably won’t happen while I’m 32 but a girl can dream, right?)

Read 2 books per month – 24 total. Still working on my to-be-read list for this goal.

Get my front flower bed planted this fall/spring with the varieties I’ve (finally!) decided on. It’s only taken me 5+ years to get to this point…

Paint and distress my bed frame. Shhhh….don’t tell Jeremy.

Get Madeline fully overnight potty-trained so I can move her into the other bedroom with Susannah.

Get the craft room/school room organized (can’t do this until the previous goal is reached).

Buy some better dressers.

Organize my photos into albums/print photos (from last years failure list)

Learn how to use the manual controls on my camera and start taking better photos.

Learn how to make pretty cupcakes (I’m obssessed, I know).

Send out birthday cards….on time.

Be a more intentional mom.

Continue my quest to cook healthy-ish meals from scratch

Add 12 more “keeper” recipes to my collection – 1 per month

Deep clean my carpets. I’ve attempted to get this done several times recently and am always thwarted by something or the other (no rentals available, all rentals broken, etc).

Somehow teach my kids to be more organized and responsible with their stuff/toys/clothes/etc.

Badger Jeremy Persuade Jeremy into building shelves in the back bathroom

Decorate the master bedroom

Make the girls Christmas and/or Easter dresses

Learn to better control my temper and have more patience

Keep clutter at a minimum

Have family photos taken

Start couponing again – but only for what we really need

Start appreciating the little moments of each day with my girls. They’ll be grown up before I know it.