After several years of good intentions we finally made it to Central Market last weekend, and I’m happy to report that it was worth the wait.
Seriously, any grocery store that has the power to draw Jeremy in has got to be wielding some strange magic over the customers.

The bulk food section was out of this world. I only wish I’d had more time and a bigger budget. :D
The girls were completely won over by the complimentary helium balloons they were handed at the front entrance – and the myriad of samples didn’t hurt either! (Jeremy and I kind of enjoyed them too.)

Killer orange shorts in the background, huh?

Seriously. I needed that cheese. You know….the giant one in the back. Jeremy wasn’t persuaded though. Some foolishness about load capacity in the car or something.

Look at these cute little things we found nestled on an apple. We snatched them right up.

Our treasures included gigantic dried cherries covered in chocolate, bulk jasmine rice (just because I want to try it), a HUMONGOUS yellow-meat watermelon (personally, the whole yellow watermelon thing weirds me out – but it was delish!), some killer gouda cheese, FRESH RHUBARB (can you say rhubarb cupcakes?!), dark chocolate covered espresso beans, and some yummy focaccia (just because I’m sure you’re dying to know, Jeremy had jalapeno and I had tomato/cheddar).

My favorite find of the day?

Aren’t they gorgeous? I just want to swim in them….erm…or something.

It was a really nice time. Translation: The girls behaved! The girls behaved! The girls behaved!

Jeremy even suffered through a trip to JoAnns for me. Okay…he actually dropped me off and went to Academy. But whatever.
Plus he took us out to Chili’s which has suddenly become my new favorite restaurant. Which is weird since I’m pretty sure I’ve made quite a few disparaging remarks regarding their menu in the past. I don’t know why I suddenly changed my mind. I blame Regina and those obscene honey chipotle chicken tenders.
Thanks a lot, Regina.

Do you think she’ll be bitter that I shared this picture when she’s older? Because at the time she was pretty stinking excited to show the whole restaurant the “cohn” in her teeth.