It’s really a good thing I picked something easy for my first weekly craft project because there’s some kind of plague going around our house that’s making it hard to get much of anything done.

I know…I’m a wimp.

Every time poor Madeline gets sick she ends up wheezing and all croupy sounding and doesn’t sleep well. Amazing how kids can be up all night and still run around like nothing much is wrong during the day.
Other than whining about everything.

While the adult, on the other hand, wants to just curl up and die without the necessary seven hours or so of sleep.

But enough of that.

Right now I’m completely in love with felt. You can’t really mess felt up so it turns out that it’s the perfect material for someone like me to work with.

Plus if you do absolutely botch something up its only about thirty cents for a 9×12 square of felt so you don’t feel like you’ve invested your life savings in something you just mutilated beyond repair (don’t ask how I understand that feeling).

I’ve been attempting hair clips for the girls because we’ve somehow accumulated a gargantuan amount of headbands – which are really cute, but they don’t work well for my girls. Or, I should say, they don’t work well for Susannah who happens to ADORE looking fancy and pretty.

Instead of fighting every. single. day. over whether or not she can wear the headbands (her choice) instead of a ponytail (my choice) we’ve come to an understanding that she’ll wear the ponytail as long as it’s prettied up with some type of clippie.

But first – let me show you how she wears headbands. Then maybe you won’t think I’m such a meanie. Or maybe you will. Either way.


Now, I’m a big fan of tutorials. I’m not hugely creative on my own, but this time around I didn’t really find what I was looking for online so I just experimented until I came up with something I liked.

I’d seen something I wanted to try in a boutique a while back so I started out by cutting a bunch of vaguely flowerish shapes. As I cut I just stacked them, making each layer progressively smaller until I had seven or eight (or nine) layers in a little stack.

Trust me, I know it looks very un-flower-like at this point, but you’re actually almost done.

From here you just take some coordinating embroidery floss and thread it through the middle a few times, pulling tightly to kind of bunch up the petals. If you know how to operate a needle at all you’ll be able to do this.

See…like this. Then just tie it off in the back and attach an alligator clip (about $2 for a dozen at Sallys Beauty Supply) with your embroidery floss.

I’ve also cut cute little leaves (they’re really easy to freehand), sewed them onto the back of the flower, and hot glued the leaf part to the clip.
Either way works fine.

The second flower I’ve seen done with fabric so I figured it would easily work with felt also.

I just cut this bad boy out free-hand but I’m sure it wouldn’t be hard to find a template somewhere.

Cut out four of the flowers.

Then fold the first one in half…

Follow suit with the other three flowers, stacking them as shown in the photos.

Phew…this was a hard project.

You may want to pin it together for a few seconds while you stitch them all together, but it’s not entirely necessary. Just make sure that when you stitch they don’t move apart.

You can make your stitches look prettier if you want. I, obviously, prefer the sloppy look.

My original plan was to sew a cute button into the middle. Except I don’t have any. (Cute button donations accepted.)

So instead I just cut a circle of felt to sew in the middle, stitching around the edges first to give it a more finished look. This also helps if your circle isn’t perfectly round.
Not that I have that problem or anything…

Then just stitched up from the back of the flower to hold the center in place. I realized about halfway through that I wasn’t really happy with the stitches showing in the center so I cut two circles instead, stitched them together at the edges, and then sewed it onto the flower, bringing the needle only through the bottom piece of felt.

Does that make sense? Don’t let my instructions confuse you. It’s really very easy.

This flower is bigger than the others. Perfect for big heads. :O)
When you’re done just hot glue an alligator clip or pin on and you can use it for whatever you like.

And finally, here is a photo of a beautiful felt rose that I did use a tutorial for. I found it on, and I would have linked up to the pattern and tutorial, but the site seems to be down right now.

***Edited to add that her site is back up now, so here is the link to her rose tutorial and pattern. ******

This was by far the most time consuming, and took a bit of sewing, but its very pretty.

So go ahead – make some! And show me your results!

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