Remember that list of goals I posted for the year?  One of them is to learn the manual controls on my camera and start taking better photos.  (This is all part of my master plan to eventually get a DSLR.  Don’t tell Jeremy.)

Well, Laura Beth at A Step in the Journey is hosting a 20 week photography challenge, which I thought was a great place to start.

Until I saw what the first challenge was.

Challenge #1 – Self-portrait.

Dun, dun, dun. (insert ominous music here).

Suddenly I’m not so sure this is a good idea anymore.

But what about the master plan?


So here’s my attempt at a self-portrait.

Because, lets be serious…as a momma of two wild little ankle biters, this is how I really feel when I have a moment to myself…

The instructions this week were to leave the flash off and use natural light.  No way was I going out in the 105 degree, blazingly-hot, Sahara-desert-dry, last-few-scorching-days-of- July heat to snap a photo of myself.

So instead I used my timer and laid in my nice air-conditioned house and took a snooze.

Maybe this isn’t such a bad challenge after all.

And here’s  a freebie, just because I feel like punishing myself some more.


Sound like fun?  It’s not to late to join in!