I recently unearthed a giant ziploc bag full of cards that Jeremy and I received at our wedding and had fun re-reading them all before tossing all but the most sentimental. Sorry, peoples.

I found a few treasures I thought I’d share with yall since I thought they were funny.

Tori gave me this at the bachelorette party. Do you think she suspected? I wish I were better at keeping in touch….the smoke signal is hilarious. About my style too. Just ask Donna. She gave me a whole stack of her address labels to lure me into keeping in touch….yep, found them in the ziploc. Nice, huh?

Lydias card isn’t funny, just adorable. I always loved getting letters from her. Too cute.

Personally, I think Daniel just wanted to brag about his improved workout. ;)

Pam and Laura gave me this, and while the card itself isn’t funny, the loads of mac and cheese they gave me with it, WAS.

This last one was not for my wedding, but I received it right about the same time, and it’s hands down the best card I’ve ever received. My vile-esque sister hand-crafted it just for me and I ADORE it! Still my favorite of all time.

Wish I would have thought of it first.