The topic for week 2 of the photography challenge (hosted by LauraBeth at A Step in the Journey) is:

What Makes You Smile

Personally, what I would have chosen to take a photo of right now is snow. Or ice. I’d even settle for rain, but since we’re on day 35 or something ridiculous of 100+ degree weather(with no end in sight), I decided that wasn’t really a very viable option.

I also considered documenting my happy moment of discovering a whole variety of fabric fat quarters at Walmart reduced to fifty cents, but I was too busy gleefully piling them in to my cart to dig my camera out of my bag.

In the end I settled for an old standby, sure to make me smile every time. Also, sure to make me fat, which is why I almost never indulge anymore. Makes the delicious, salt-laden crispiness just that much better when I do.

Is it sad that a ton of my fondest memories have been created sitting around a table munching these bad boys?
Good times.