Ever since we harvested our grapes last month I’ve had the thought of making jelly floating around in the back of my mind. We froze the juice and I’ll probably wait until it cools off a bit before slaving over the hot stove, but decided on a whim to look up freezer jam and see what that was all about. I had no idea it was so easy!
Strawberries are still in season so I thought I’d give it a try while it was still inexpensive to make.

This is seriously the easiest stuff I’ve ever made.

Here’s what you need:
Fresh strawberries
Freezer Jam Pectin

Wash and slice the strawberries, then throw them into a blender or food processor.

Puree strawberries.

Add sugar and pectin and blend together.
I don’t recommend filling your blender this full, though.

I was originally following a recipe that called for FOUR CUPS of sugar per 2 cups of strawberry puree, but that sounded a bit extreme even to my sugar-loving self.
The pectin packet called for 1.5 cups for ever four cups of puree so I settled for somewhere in between. Not even completely sure how much sugar I added but I think it was about three cups.
Next time I make it I think I’ll just go by the pectin instructions and see how it turns out that way.
After blending, pour into jars and stick in the freezer.
How easy is that?!

And seriously, this stuff is addictive.

I absolutely love it on pancakes, it’s a million times better than syrup.
Not that this is a pancake.

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