Here are the projects I finished for the past two weeks.

Week 2 – I’m in love with Aimee Rays book, Doodle Stitching, and this is the first project I completed.

Actually…that’s not true.  I made a bookmark for Kluane, but that’s not something I like to think about.  Just trust me when I say that it wasn’t good.  At all.

Ralphie the Racoon isn’t perfect either but I had fun making him.  While stuffing him I realized that I need to make my stitches tighter since they kind of puffed out right along with him.

Also…his tail is broken. :(

Week 3 – Made this little outfit for Audrey’s 7th birthday.  Her momma said she needed skirts so I made one similar to Susannahs birthday skirt, with just a few variations.  For whatever reason this is the only photo I took of it.  Just think twirly skirt with a bow. ;)

This week I’ve started a quilt for little Lucy.  Started, meaning I’ve cut less than a third of the fabric.  Since the quilt will take me quite a bit longer than a week (obviously!) to finish I have a couple of quick and easy little projects to work on at the same time.  I’ll try to post this weeks project in the next day or two.

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