Week 4 of the photography challenge is: dinner

This should have been an easy one for me.

I take photos of food all the time, right?

Except for one little fact.

I’m terrible at taking photos of food.

I try. And try again. And from a different angle.

But nope. Still looks boring.

Is there a book on food photography or something?

Part of my problem is the lighting in my kitchen.

(Maybe all of the problem.)

But enough of my failures and on to the food.

My girls have three things they like to eat (yes, only three): pizza, hot dogs, and pancakes.

They pretty much starve themselves until one of these three items are placed in front of them, and then they proceed to stuff themselves to the bursting point (presumably so they can live off of that meal until the next time I make one of their preferred foods).

All that to say that about once a week or so we have breakfast for dinner. Can’t let the kids shrivel up, right?

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