For week 4 (last week) I made some cute felt cupcake cut-outs for Madeline to put together while Susannah and I work on reading.
I’m slowly gathering some quiet busy-work-type projects that I can pull out to keep Her Loudness occupied while we do school.
She likes to sound out letters with Susannah, which I hate to discourage, but she’s such a distraction to her sister that I feel it’s better for now to just keep her occupied elsewhere.

Money Saving Mom
has an adorable downloadable cupcake template available here, which includes both instructions and suggestions for teaching.

It’s very simple (if you can operate scissors, you can do this), inexpensive, and my girls LOVE putting the cupcakes together and counting.
Yes, I said girls. I ended up having to make extras because Susannah felt the need to have her own set as well.