I just barely squeezed this little project in to meet my goal for week 5. I’ve been meaning to make one of these little beauties, inspired by this, for some time now, and finally took the time to create one on Saturday.
This is a little gift for my sister-in-law, Jenn, so she won’t forget us (we live waaaaaay too far apart now!).

First, cut thick interfacing the size you want your finished book.
Cut fabric 3/4″ larger than your interfacing.
Fold fabric over interfacing, iron down, then sew around edges of book.

Then glue cardstock to the inside covers for added stability.

Next, cut felt pages to desired size. (You’ll fold the pages in half so make sure you cut them long enough for two pages.) For added cuteness, cut edges of pages with decorative blade.

Arrange pages in book, then sew down the middle.
Cut strap from coordinating fabric and add interfacing for stability.

Sew onto back of book and attach velcro for front closure.
Stitch around small pieces of fabric and glue them onto felt pages. Hot glue worked best for me.

I stitched on some of my photos as well before gluing them on to the fabric.

Add embellishments.

Voila! Enjoy your lovely creation.

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