This was both last week and this weeks project since I ended up making more than one.
Since three of my nephews have birthdays in September (thanks alot guys, couldn’t you have planned that a little better?!?!?!) I knew I needed a boy-oriented project so I picked the one lonely idea I had pinned to make for them. Lame, I know, but I have all girls.
Although to be honest….Susannah has been begging for one of these ever since I had her model them for me.
I guess you don’t have to be a boy to appreciate superhero attire.
Personally I’ve never been a fan of Wonderwoman. Or….hmmm…are there any other female superheroes? How biased is that?!?!
I do love Edna-whatever-her-name from the Incredibles. She was totally awesome.

Okay, now I’m just rambling.
Found the idea here.

I ended up making four of them because I remembered that I hadn’t sent poor Roo anything in July.

Bad auntie!

I discovered that I’m pretty lame at making my own patterns.
But after a LOOOOOOOOOOooooooooong time of staring at the pictures and then staring at my fabric and then staring at the pictures again I managed to get a cape-ish shape cut.

I’ll admit that I ruined one mask right away.

But here’s the end result, modeled by Super-Susannah and Super-Madeline, by far my two favorite female superheroes ever to terrorize Texas.

Hey, don’t look at my dead lawn.

Super-Susannah specializes in restoring order to chaos. One pile of toys/blocks/books at a time…she will line them up/stack them in precise patterns. Don’t you worry, not ONE will escape her watchful eye.

Enter the villain, Super-Madeline. She draws her power from creating chaos. Don’t let the innocent look fool you…there’s an evil scheme formulating behind those blue eyes.

Oh, and did I mention that I also have a niece born in September? And another that’s due any day?

Just a suggestion for Heidi and Ty when they decide to start reproducing….November and December are totally open months. Let’s aim for that. ;)