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What’s been happening around here this week?

  • It got nice and cool (80’s) and then hot again (100’s) and then today cool again (80’s).
  • I totally skipped last weeks photo challenge.  Nobody wants to see what I wear.  Trust me.
  • Madeline has been sick and stays up crying allllllllll night.  And then still has the energy to run around all day.  :(
  • Jeremy really is terrific.  After I’m up with the sick one for a few hours he lets me sleep while he takes a shift.  Seriously, I think I’ll keep him. (Plus I think he gets scared for the kid after I’m woken up for the twenty thousandth time in a single night.)
  • I’ve been trying lots of yummy new recipes.

Pepperoni Pinwheels

Vanilla Cupcakes

Cinnamon Roll Pancakes – OH YUM!

Chocolate Chips Cookies with a little twist – made these for the SS kids last Sunday.

  • It’s hard trying new recipes when you’re on a diet!


Coconut Almond Muffins – so good!

Chick-fil-A-ish Nuggets

  • Jeremy completed one of his projects which is going to allow me to complete one of my projects – I’m getting my very own little crafters corner!  My sewing machine will thank me….it’s tired of sitting on the dining room floor trying to avoid the food that Susannah surreptitiously tries to sneak off her plate every meal.
  • Bear-bear had reconstructive surgery – thanks to grandma, his neck is no longer broken.
  • I’m super jealous of everyone who gets to see and hold little Lucy. Wah.

  • Susannah informed me (quite loudly) in the parking lot that a fellow shopper’s car “wasn’t a good car at all.”  It was a convertible and she thought it was broken. ; )   She was quite concerned about how much hot air it would let in.
  • I recently discovered that thrift stores and garage sales can be gold mines for fabric – why had I never thought of that before?  Look what I got the other day for….ready?  $1.14 total.  Score!