It’s finally time to start the 31 Days linkup party and I’m excited to begin!
I chose the topic of Being an Intentional Mother.
As a momma of two young girls (ages 4 and 2) this particular topic really resounds with me right now.
It’s also an area in my life that needs a lot of work.
And what better way to work on a problem area than to devote an entire month to learning, growing, and overcoming obstacles, right?

In front of the whole world. (Okay, maybe a tiny little portion of the world.)

Hold on a second…what am I thinking?!?!

Okay, deep breaths, deep breaths.

This is seriously how I’ve been feeling the last few days since I committed myself to this challenge.
Equal parts excited and terrified.
So, yeah.

Being an intentional mother.

Webster defines “intentional” as: done by intention or design
Pretty simplistic, right? Sounds pretty easy, right?
Except…somewhere in all of the diaper-changing, mess-cleaning, bath-giving, meal-cooking, toilet-scrubbing, grocery-shopping, bill-paying, monotonous, ordinary craziness of each day – I find myself just surviving from task to task.

I mean, yes, I enjoy little moments with my children.
Yes, I definitely love them with everything in me.
But I lose focus. Or maybe I never found it.
I don’t hold on to those precious moments I’m given with my daughters. Instead, I find myself pushing them to the background while I hurry to the next thing on my to-do list.
More often than not, at the end of a busy day I rush them into bed so I can finally have some peace and quiet.

And then, ironically, I start missing them.

I don’t think I’m a bad mom.
But I’m definitely not the mom I could be if I put as much time and thought into focusing on my girls as I do on other, less important things in my life.
If I really felt that these children were the absolute most important thing happening right now instead of the many petty distractions that consume my attention most days.


That’s what this month is about. For me.
Taking the time to really be there for my girls.
To really listen.
To really communicate.
To really interact.
To pay attention.
To teach.
To learn.
To love.